Twelve days of Kindle #4

Book number 4 in my 'Twelve Days of Kindle' collection is one in a series which I've been enjoying considerably more than makes sense considering that I live in England and have no interest whatsoever in cowboys.  For me, the draw of the 'Honky Tonk Hearts' series is less the overall theme, and more the way that the Wild Rose Press authors have taken a concept and a setting, and spun it off in a whole host of different directions.

I particularly liked 'Sing to Me Cowboy' because of the music connection - anyone who's ever read 'Desperate Bid' will almost certainly have spotted my fascination with songs, song lyrics and the way they can twine themselves into your emotions.  Lauri Robinson's book takes full advantage of the emotional power of music as she explores why Heather Gibson believes that country singer Lance Duggan is not for her, despite her powerful attraction to him.  Even if you're not a music-lover (or a cowboy fan), this is a compelling exploration of the complexity of human emotion, and a heart-warming story of one woman's journey back to hope and love.

In my opinion, this is a must-read for romance lovers, as well as part of a brilliantly conceived series, which I'll be coming back to during the Twelve Days. 


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I live in Australia and write historical romance for TWRP, but I love cowboys. I thought the Honky Tonk series was a great idea, only wish I was able to write them. I used to watch all the western movies on the TV. Bonanza, Little House On The Prairie etc. Couldn't get enough of them. Only wish they would replay them.



  2. I have several of the TWRP Honky Tonk books on my list. TWRP has excellent authors!

  3. Hi Margaret and Lilly! I wish I could write Honky Tonk stories too, and the Little House on the Prairie books were among my favourites as a child. Truth be told, I still love them now!

  4. Hi Stephanie,
    I'm from New Zealand, and like Margaret and yourself, cowboys weren't a huge part of my life. Since being a TWRP author, I've discovered a wonderful world that I almost missed out on! What fun, sexy men they are and Lauri's work is a real home run for me :)
    I wish we had a Lonesome Steer bar here - my hubby and I would love it and the characters who inhabit it!

    I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your kindle list. Great blog!

  5. Thanks LaVerne! I've never visited NZ but I hope I will one day - it looks like such a beautiful country. I'd love a Lonesome Steer bar too, especially on karaoke nights.


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