Twelve Days of Kindle #3

'The Sea on our Skin' is a book I would probably never have found if the author hadn't happened to be a friend on the Bath Spa MA in Creative Writing Course.  I don't know if it's different overseas, but in England it doesn't seem to have made the splash it deserves (if you'll pardon the pun).

Perhaps the price (£6.99) is prohibitive for an unknown author's book or perhaps it's to do with the misleading nature of the cover - all bright tones and flowers, suggesting some kind of exotic chick-lit, when in fact this is a deep and slightly disturbing tale of life on a South Pacific island, which contains as much death and destruction as love and happiness.  All the shades of the rainbow are here, in the story of home-body Amalie and her adventuring husband Ioane.  Not to mention a few shadows, in a superbly polished story which is surprisingly mature for such a young author.  In my - admittedly biased - opinion, Madeline Tobert is definitely one to watch. 


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