Twelve days of Kindle

It's coming to the end of the year now, and time to start summing up the best and most memorable of the year's reads.  This time I'm focusing on the books I've read and loved on my Kindle since the start of 2012, with a round-up of a dozen favourites from now until Christmas. 

Product DetailsToday's is (unless I change my mind, which I reserve the right to do), the only non-fiction title on the list.  I've been reading some good biographies, business books and mind, body, spirit titles on Kindle, but this is something else entirely.  It's the only writers' reference book on my Kindle, and it's one I turn to constantly: Liz Fielding's Little Book of Writing Romance

Liz Fielding speaks with the wisdom of experience, and her book is a gentle yet hugely informative guide to what to do - and what not to do - when writing.  I wish I'd had it when I wrote 'Desperate Bid', as I'm sure it would have saved me a vast amount of experimentation to arrive at the story I now love.  In particular, I'd have dived into the hero's and heroine's combined journey quicker, and let their individual stories come in as back story, rather than having the reader meet Sarah and Alex individually.  I still love the dramatic woodland opening to 'Desperate Bid', which you can read here, but I no longer think it was the best place to start the book.  Oh well, with the sequel, which has been a long time coming, I know better.  Not to mention that the hero and heroine already know each other, since they met in the first book.  Stand up, Michelle and Miles, and take a bow! 

Anyway, to return to this fabulous primer on writing romance, do read it if you haven't already and you write romance... or want to see how your favourite authors put together a story that captures the imagination.  And, as an added bonus, you get tasters of lots of Liz Fielding's fabulous stories.  It was this book which introduced me to tomorrow's Kindle pick... drop by again to find out which of my Fielding favourites makes it to the 'Twelve days of Kindle'! 


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