Twelve days of Kindle #2

Yesterday I promised you more Liz Fielding, and today's pick is a three-for-one bonus: the Beaumont Brides Collection.  The three stories, 'Wild Justice', 'Wild Lady' and 'Wild Fire' follow three women from the Beaumont family, whose theatrical background makes for some dramatic moments.  Sure, you could buy all three individually, but what's the point when you can have Fizz, Claudia and Melanie all for not much more than the price of a gingerbread latte?  It's the season for gifts, and this is one any romance-lover should be glad to find in their virtual stocking! 

I've just revisited the collection trying to decide which is my favourite, but the trouble is, it seems to be whichever one I'm reading at the time.  Each story is subtly different, but they fit perfectly together.  'Wild Justice' is perhaps the closest to 'my kind of book', with an independent heroine who's made a hit of her radio business in a small seaside town and isn't ready to see it threatened by overseas tycoon Luke Devlin.  'Wild Lady' and 'Wild Fire' follow the more theatrical members of the family, and are rather more glamorous and larger than life.  Claudia is a star who finds herself unexpectedly brushing with trouble after a charity parachute jump, and unsure whether handsome Gabriel is the solution or just more trouble. Finally 'Wild Fire', the story of soap actress Melanie, ties perfectly back to the first book in a tidier-than-life but ultimately convincing conclusion.

Altogether, these three books are a delightful treat from an accomplished author.  Tomorrow, I revisit a debut novel with a surprising setting.  See you then!


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