Twelve Days of Kindle #6

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I'm very excited about today's Twelve Days of Kindle choice, 'Falling For You'  by Heather Thurmeier, not only because it's a great, fun, bubbly story, but also because it comes from Crimson Romance, who will be publishing my book (working title 'Perfect Partners') next year. 

'Falling for You' and 'Perfect Partners' share not just a publisher but also a reality TV show connection. Cassidy in 'Falling for You' has been thrown into a TV dating show by her well-meaning but meddlesome sister, while Lisa in 'Perfect Partners' is persuaded to take part in a TV dance competition with a wicked twist: each of the pairs taking part is a couple both on and off the dance floor.  In 'Falling For You', Cassidy's show doesn't go exactly as planned when she finds herself falling, not for the prize bachelor, but for her cameraman, in a beautifully drawn portrait of a couple who are clearly made for each other, yet also pulled apart not only by circumstances, but also by their own histories and insecurities.  The story follows the twists and turns of their relationship, with some witty scenes involving the heroine's habit of getting into scrapes, and some touching moments as she comes to terms with who she is and who she is becoming. 

All in all, this is exactly the kind of book I wish I'd written, and I'm proud to be able to say that my book will be joining Heather Thurmeier's on the Crimson lists next spring! 


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