Twelve Days of Kindle #7

Today's choice is another from The Wild Rose Press, but unlike my last two Wild Rose Press selections, 'A Stolen Chance' doesn't feature cowboys.  This one is a romantic suspense novella with all the perfect elements: a strong, but vulnerable heroine; a powerful but damaged hero; and a truly evil ex-husband.  Add to that already potent mix a taste of the paranormal in the form of some mysterious Zuni relics, and you have a cocktail of romantic flavours to rival Nora Roberts. 
 Product Details

Determined to shake off her miserable marriage once and for all, Susan takes to the road in a camper van, but when she sets off, she has no idea that her journey will lead her to a second chance at love with the delectable Carson, an ex-cop who's now uncomfortably adjusting to life as a motel-keeper.  She soon finds herself hiding out in a lodge which she shares with a native American ghost, and it's a good thing, because when her ex-husband tracks her down, she's going to need all the help she can get.

In Carson, Linda LaRoque has created one of the most upright and memorable heroes I've 'met' this year, and although Susan seems at first glance like a pleasant 'girl-next-door' heroine, it doesn't take the reader long to discover that her pretty figure hides a backbone of steel.  All in all, two characters you just can't help rooting for. 


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